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Idea origin

Traditional stents remain in the body, thereby potentially causing new problems. These are secondary to physiological responses to the foreign body where one result is the formation of scar tissue with different consequences.

Since stents usually are needed only for a limited time Professor Erney Mattson together with Professor Torbjörn Lundh considered long on how to create a stent that can be removed. A brilliant idea was born one day when a standard sock unravelled. Many years of intensive, creative and brave development has followed this eureka moment.

Idea progression

The product idea has evolved over the last 12 years from blood-vessels to other areas. 

The main reason for redirecting attention from blood-vessels is mainly due to the high cost and extended need for documentation in obtaining medical approval for stents in blood-vessels. 

The versality of the device enables many usage areas for both people and animals not only reducing costs but above all improving the quality of life for those treated.

With this potential for multiple applications the focus going forward is to the segment with the most immediate and significant impact.


Multiple usage areas

”Anywhere in the body where there is a pipe-system the GraftCraft device can be used”
Erney Mattsson
Professor in Vascular Surgery


- Tracheal collapse
- Other


- Drain blood
- Retractor
- Temporary stent for aneurysm

Prostatic Gland

- Individualized stent for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)


- Retractor


- Stent

Gastro Intestinal Tract

- Stent to facilitate minimal invasive surgery

Female Reproductive System

- Stent for stinoses in Fallopian tubes

About Us


Enable Revolutionary Individualized Medical Technology for all


In a world of an ageing population, putting extensive strains on medical treatment and care, the unique medical device from GraftCraft transforms big and costly interventions into smaller and cheaper procedures, enabeling better quality of life for more people and animals.



Winner of HICOOL Entrepreneurship Competition in the Medicine & Healthcare Category 2023

HICOOL is a Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition for Entrepreneurs. It aims to build a multi-level, multi-dimensional and diversified international entrepreneurial model, seeking for high-quality startups worldwide, facilitating entrepreneurs to grow and expand their business.



European Clinical Respitory Journal. - A new removable airway stent.

“Malignant airway obstruction is a feared complication. Minimal invasive treatment using airway stents represents a meaningful and life-saving palliation.”

Read the full article (opens in a new window)

Our Team

Core Team


Erney Mattsson

Founder and inventor of GraftCraft. Professor in Vascular Surgery

Go To Market

Märta von Mentzer

CEO with go to market expertise. Marketer and Project Manager formerly within Fast Moving Consumer Goods


Pär Rylöv

Investment and start-up expert. Business Analyst and Growth Capital at Connect Väst

Med-Tech Team

Operations & Manufacturing

Tommy Martinssson

Expert on circular knitting machines. Formerly Knitting Technician The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås


Kaj Andersson

Idea & prototype development. Involvement including post-treatment of the stent and equipment application. Former Mechanical Engineer at Saab Automobile

Clinical Trials & Research

Aslak Håland

Doctor specializing in Cardiothoracic Surgery at St.Olavs Hospital in Trondheim. Experience in research on vascular surgery and veterinary testing


Lars Mattsson

Idea & prototype development. Involvement including post-treatment of the stent and equipment application. Former prototype mechanic at Saab Automobile


Anders Karlsson

Idea & prototype development. Involvement including post-treatment of the stent and equipment application. Former Technical engineer at Saab Automobile

Advisory & Approval Team

BD & Strategy

Peter Ahlström

Business Partner and advisor in establishing new customer relationships. CEO at Swedmec


Torbjörn Lundh

Inventor and co-founder of GraftCraft. Professor of biomathematics at Chalmers

Reg Compliance

Samuel Wikström

Approval and process advisor within medtech. Deputy CEO, Office Manager Veprox

Intellectual Property

Urban Lind

European Patent Attorney involved in Intellectual Property strategy

BD & Strategy

Juliette Yu

Chinese Market advisor. Procurement Manager at Scandinavian Perspectives AB


Jan Karlsson

Co-founder and former CEO. Technical engineering consultant at Seldén

BD & Strategy

Ulf Eliasson

Part in GraftCraft business development/strategy. Experienced international business developer mainly within medical devices

BD & Strategy

Anders Kihlberg

Investor in GraftCraft. Founder of OpenMind NextGen. Has played key roles in the development of several companies